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Bay Area Recycling For Charities, 2014 Take It Back “Recycler of the Year”

Grand Traverse County Resource Recovery (RecycleSmart) announced Bay Area Recycling For Charities (BARC) as the 2014 Take It Back “Recycler of the Year”. BARC will be formally recognized and a plaque presented at the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners, Resource Management & Administration committee meeting to be held Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 6 pm. Meeting location is the Governmental Center, 400 Boardman Avenue, Traverse City, 2nd floor Commissioner Chambers.

Each year a local business is selected to receive the Take It Back Recycling Program “Recycler of the Year” Award for their commitment in assisting Grand Traverse County residents reduce, reuse, and recycle materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

Six years ago founder Andy Gale established Bay Area Recycling for Charities, a non-profit (501(3), offering comprehensive waste management services and compostable products for your home, business or event.

BARC accomplishments include:

  • Opened new recycling facility during 2014 located at 1732 Barlow St., Traverse City.
  • Accepts electronic devices that ‘plug in” or runs on batteries (Cell phones, Computers, TV’s, VCR’s, etc…)
  • Provides unique recycling solutions for difficult items such as used vegetable oil and bed mattresses.
  • Consistently provides updates to Resource Recovery staff for the Take It Back recycling program.
  • Promotes composting solutions rather than landfill alternatives.
  • Assist Resource Recovery staff in promoting RecycleSmart department programs and goals.

Andy Gale and Bay Area Recycling for Charities demonstrates what can be done by promoting and practicing waste diversion programs within Grand Traverse County.About the “Take It Back” Recycling Program

Introduced by RecycleSmart staff in 2008, the “Take It Back” recycling program is a convenient product return infrastructure, where consumers can return unwanted products for reuse, recycling, or proper disposal. The program has grown to 106 products listed with 64 participating local businesses. This information is available at the “Take It Back“ website link at and/or by calling the RecycleSmart Hotline at 941.5555

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