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The Importance of Mattress Recycling for Our Environment

Did you know about 85% of mattress parts (including the foam, upholstery, wooden parts, springs, and box spring) can be recycled or repurposed to create new products?

In America we dispose of nearly 20 million mattresses each year, which leads to taking up around 132,000 square miles of landfill space.

With the normal lifespan of a mattress being a mere 7-8 years, this can add up quickly to become an endangering statistic in our society.

Using an unconventional method for mattress disposal is a great way to not only help reduce the amount of waste in landfills but also use the resources still available for additional resources and new creations.

You’ll discover that it’s actually quite easy to donate, properly dispose of, or repurpose your mattress while making a positive impact on our environment.

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, this short video by Canadian Treasure Hunter has many tips on how to take apart your mattress safely. It is important to exercise caution while doing so as many of the elements can be sharp from extended use.

You can also add to your compost pile with the bits and pieces. Build a wooden compost bin and use the softer mattress materials to keep bugs out! This is a great way to handle food scraps at your home, and we at BARC actually donate disposable leftovers to local farms to feed their pigs.

Tuck, a free and unbiased resource for your needs relating to sleep, did a wonderfully thorough guide with further ways to repurpose and recycle your mattresses.

To save yourself the hassle, BARC accepts mattress donations for only $20, while most charge between $20-40.

Donated mattresses need to be dry, intact, and have no signs of bed bugs. Some light staining is okay but darker brown stains will not be accepted. Mattresses should be stored either indoors or off the ground, under a tarp, prior to drop off.

This is because we believe in what we do and hope to give each family the opportunity to properly dispose of their mattresses to better our environment.

Let’s work together to make things better!

Thanks to Tuck for contributing the information for this article to our blog.

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Earth Day – 1/2 Off Drop Off

Earth Day Event at BARC

This year on Earth Day BARC will have an Mattresses, Electronics, Refrigerators drop off from 8am to 12pm. All mattresses, TV’s and Refrigerators will be half price ($10 each in lieu of $20) to inspire everyone to get out and take part of this special day. Come on by our shop at 1732 Barlow Street (just two buildings north of the post office and across from the Secretary of State) in the Menlo Warehouse.

Please NO Tires, NO Furniture, NO Hazardous Household Waste!

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Rare Bird sponsors BARC

rare-bird-logoRare Bird sponsors a non-profit organization monthly! Each month they donate a portion of their beer sales to a featured non-profit. BARC is honored to be selected as the featured non-profit for the month of January. This is possibly the easiest way to give to BARC, so go pull up a stool, order a beer and give a big cheers to BARC!!

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Focus Green 2020 supporter Short’s Brewing Making Antrim Greener



We had a great kickoff to our Focus Green 2020 campaign last Tuesday, and one of the people and businesses who donated were the good people of Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan (and also Elk Rapids, Michigan). Short’s has shown a longtime commitment to making our region greener & cleaner along with an ability to provide significant job growth in Antrim county.

This summer they installed a new solar array to help power their Production Facility with an annual energy output of 49250 kWh. This will help supplement the energy needs of Short’s Production Facility in a big way. Approximately 7% of the energy used annually will be supplied by the solar array. This will allow Short’s Production Facility to have a clean and sustainable energy source for the next 25 years.

The production facility also minimizes pressure on the Elk Rapids waste water treatment plant by pre-treating their waste water, a process that complements other environmentally friendly practices they’ve introduced including, design and installation of tank chilling systems that minimize energy use, using brewhouse byproducts to make fuel ethanol and biogas, and the use of spent grain from both the Pub and Production Facility breweries by local farmers as fertilizer and animal feed! Short’s Brewing Company is also a supporter of the Clean Water Act headwaters rule and all-in-all a model corporate citizen helping to drive our region towards the Focus Green 2020 goal of becoming the greenest region in Michigan by the year 2020.

Hats off to Short’s, and if you’d like to join them and learn more, head over to make your pledge at:

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Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is next Tuesday, December 1st. It was created to harness the potential of social media and people’s generosity to bring about real change in their communities. Bay Area Recycling for Charitieshas chosen this auspicious date to launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign to transform BARC to meet the needs of our community and help make Grand Traverse the greenest community in Michigan.

On Tuesday we’ll be asking for your monetary support of our campaign, and we genuinely welcome, appreciate and need your financial support. We are also asking you to commit to sharing our goals and finding others who will pledge their support to our efforts.

Together we can make this area a model for Michigan with a revitalized Bay Area Recycling for Charities at the heart of it all!

Top get started, go to our Facebook page and SHARE our Giving Tuesday post!

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