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Define Reduce

Reduce means finding ways to decrease, or lessen, the amount of garbage we throw away. 

Why this is important? Because we are running out of landfill space to put our garbage! (Have you checked out Glenn’s? Barf.)

You can REDUCE trash by…1. Buying items that use LITTLE or NO packaging (fyi – to package, use saran wrap, instead of tape bc you can recycle it and it packages things safer/better). This reduces the amount of material used to make packaging, and cuts down the amount of trash we produce. Keep in mind, most packaging used is made out of paper or cardboard, which can be recycled! 2. Buying orders in BULK can also reduce trash. Ordering lightbulbs? Ask your neighbors/friends if they need to stock up, buy one, share the wealth and ask them to pay you back for their share. 

P.S. All Glenn’s Landfill is, is a huge whole in the ground to spread the “wealth” or your trash.

What a Landfill is really all about:


Keep using Glen’s Landfill as the sorce for all your trash, which most likely can be recyclable, and this is what the beautiful Lakes and shores of Traverse City will turn into:


Recycle! Reuse! Reduce!

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