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Fun on the Farm Fundraiser to Benefit Cam

 CamUnity Event!

‘Cam,’ a local six-year-old boy is the inspiration for this event and organization. Cam was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) when he was ten-months-old. LCH is a disease that attacks all the symptoms of the body in the same manner as cancer. It is very complex and can cause additional disease to manifest such as DI, which Cam also has. This means that Cam’s pituitary gland no longer functions, causing extreme thirst and frequent urination. LCH can also cause Central Nervous System disease. In the world, there are only 1,200,000 people diagnosed with LCH and doctors still do not have all the answers to this disease.

After white masses on Cam’s gums appeared, several rashes on his body and trouble breathing, Cam’s parents took him to the doctor several times. Upon no answers, Cam’s problems were being treated individually until his parents were told he needed a biopsy, and fast. A few days later the doctor called and explained to his parents that their son was seriously sick with LCH. Devastated and scared, it was time to get the ball rolling!

Cam had LCH in his lungs, mouth, bone and skin…which means a lot of medicine, some including chemo and steroids to help keep his body strong. He is currently a patient at DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. He received a Broviac, which is an external type of port for his chemo to be administered through; and although his first time around didn’t go that well, doctors raced Cam to an ICU for a second time around and it was a success. Cam’s new broviac has allowed him to come home and be with his loving parents and siblings.

Just shy of a year of remission, his mom noticed one ear was sticking out further than the other and knew in her heart that the LCH was back. This meant more doctor visits, more tests and more answers. While walking along the bay, looking at the boats in the marina, Cam’s mom got the call, that the LCH was back, in Cam’s skull this time. “Having strong relationships and support from our families and friends made it bearable!” stated Sommer Deering, Cam’s mom.

His third port was placed, many more pokes were given, tests and scans became routine, low blood counts seemed to occur more often, vomiting, interrupted nights of sleep, fevers leading us to ER and dental surgery were some of the issues we had to endure the second time around. Cam was only three, how much could he handle?

 “God would see us all through!”

 About eight months after Cams second battle with LCH, he made a wish with the “Make a Wish” foundation. The family took a trip to Disney World and stayed at ‘Give Kids the World.’ They now have a lifetime of memories from the unforgettable trip.


 After a third time with LCH appearing, and now six-years-old, it has been the hardest for Cam to accept. He is scared, mad and sad and just wishes to be “normal.”

 “Our faith, friends and family have seen us through these last six years and continue with an out pouring of love and huge support! I know there will be glitches, ups and downs, but knowing we have a caring community to lean on makes it easier to handle!”

 If you would like to continue following Cams journey go to and his page is called ‘Cambones.’

Fun on the Farm, this Sunday, September 15, 2013 is to support Cam & his family through all the rough times, and the lasting smiles. The event will be held at Moomer’s Homemade Ice Cream at 7263 North Long Lake Rd. in Traverse City from 1-6pm.

Enjoy a family friendly afternoon of fun with the background of a great goal. Please come out and help us raise money and awareness for Cam’s fight against LCH! The afternoon will feature live music, games, food, drink, raffle drawing and silent auction items.

Special guests from Jetty Rae, The Accidentals and Stella! Mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you there!

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