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How many of you green minded eco-friendly individuals have been to Green Drinks?

Green Drinks is an international organization of people who meet on once a month locally to celebrate, discuss, learn, teach, network everything green…and of course share a drink.  This months meeting will be held at Lil’Bo restaurant on Front Street.  Please join this fun and interactive group as we will be discussing my favorite subject “RECYCLING”!!!  There will be a quick presentation (5 min) from Kelly Ignace from American Waste about their efforts.  Also, anybody else in the world of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are welcome to join, along with anybody who is or wants to be GREEN! 

April 19th is the next meeting, then each and every 3rd Thursday thereafter.

If you are not already on the monthly invite list, please get with Andy McFarlane at

(Learn more about Green Drinks at

or  international at )

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