It’s Up To You

Positive Change

Bay Area Recycling for Charities wants to hear your bright ideas for positive change in our environment and community. Just like the plastic straw, small, everyday items we use could be changed to impact the WORLD. Let your voice be heard through BARC!

Reduce our environmental footprint

There are countless items that we come across everyday that just a slight change would reduce our environmental footprint. For example, instead of a giant plastic cup for your fountain soda it could be a compostable cup. Or the restaurant you order take-out from could incorporate compostable to-go boxes instead of styrofoam. Simples changes such as these could make HUGE impact not only in our community, but the world.

It’s Up To You

To spark change, we must ignite it. Using #ChangeOneThing tag us in your social media channels and share where you would like to see change. We want to hear what you would change, how you would change it, and what impact it would have. Make a case and reach out to us with your well thought out ideas for a chance to be featured on our website and social channels! Your bright idea could spark the change that impacts the world!