Bay Area Recycling for Charities is pleased to announce that we will reopen our DROP OFF SERVICE at 466 US 31 South in Traverse City on Tuesday, May 26. Drop off hours are from 9am until 4pm from Monday through Friday.

There are additional safety protocol in place:

  • We request that when you arrive at the dropoff door on the east side of the building, if no one is in sight, simply honk your horn.
  • Do not get out of your vehicle.
  • Our staff will meet you as quickly as possible, wearing masks and gloves.

We have also added additional safety protocol for our SPECIAL PICKUPS – including exterior-only, non-contact service.

  • To help insure the safety of our employees and community as a whole, BARC drivers will NOT enter any premises to pick up items.
  • We ask that your recyclables be placed outside- preferably in or beside a garage, although a porch or curbside are also acceptable.
  • Our drivers wear masks when physical distancing of six feet is not possible; they also wear gloves (often two pairs).

When BARC staff report to work each morning, each individual testifies in writing that they do not have any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, nor have they been in contact with anyone who has tested positive. Temperatures and blood ox levels will soon be monitored daily. As is the new norm, handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer are diligent practices.

View price list for more information (item costs are the same whether dropoff or pickup). When calculating the cost of a pickup, please include the $30 pickup fee (within 25 miles of Traverse City) [For example, if you’d like us to pick up your queen-sized mattress the cost would be $20 + $30 for a total of $50].

It is our intention to schedule pickups based on the date of your first contact although there may be times when due to physical proximity, that is not possible. We will schedule special pick-ups beginning Saturday, May 30.

Lastly, please know that the list of folks interested in pickups is extensive and it may take a few more weeks to complete your request.

Thank you for your commitment to helping keep our area clean and green!