Every April, the entire world gathers to celebrate the one thing we all have in common: our planet! It’s a wonderful time to discuss environmental issues, support environmentally friendly businesses, and nonprofits focused on conservation. This April, BARC is celebrating our conservation efforts by hosting a fun expo & fundraiser in our community. Join us to celebrate on Wednesday, April 20th from 11AM to 7PM in the Kirkbride Hall at the Grand Traverse Commons for our BARC Expo & Fundraiser!

BARC Expo and Fundraiser Event Details

One of our main goals for the BARC Expo & Fundraiser is to raise money to expand our services and pay BARC employees a better wage. We are currently looking for new recycling enthusiasts to join our team so we can maximize our efforts! If this is something you or someone you know would be interested in, please fill out an application.


The BARC Expo will feature innovative products & services that make being green easy! This part of our event will take place from 11:00 am to 7 pm and will feature a wide variety of amazing products & services. Below we will be giving you a sneak peek so you can get a taste of what the event is all about.

Compostable Products

BARC will be showcasing our full range of compostable products made from plant materials like bagasse, palm leaf, and bamboo. These sustainable products come from our friends over at Green Safe in Detroit, MI. Bagasse is created from the stalks of used sugarcane that would be thrown away otherwise. This sugar cane is made into a paper-like substance that is transformed into a wide variety of compostable products like containers, plates, and bowls. Compostable products are an excellent choice for restaurants, small businesses, and zero waste events!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-Logic Solutions will also be displaying their unique line of eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products. Most cleaning products are non-recyclable and can end up spilling toxic chemicals into the earth. Plus, breathing in toxic chemicals from these cleaning products is not only bad for the environment, they are bad for your health. Eco-friendly products are just as effective which makes them a better overall choice for you and the planet!

Sustainable Eco Housing

Here at BARC, we love to work on projects that benefit the community while being resourceful and environmentally conscious. At the BARC Expo, we will be discussing our role in deconstructing homes otherwise set for demolition and how we give these materials a new purpose! This donation process supports our new mission to help homelessness and workforce housing.

Learn all about BARC Services

During the BARC Expo, we will showcase the unique service we offer. You can learn all about a wide range of our services like recycling electronics, batteries, mattresses, DE/RE Construction, and food composting. We will also give a presentation on how our Zero-Waste services help offset an event’s carbon footprint. These services are available for weddings, corporate events, fundraising events, & festivals. No event is too big or small, you can even pick up materials and DIY a zero-waste event!

BARC Silent Auction

We are lucky to have many friends that support us in our conservation efforts. Thank you to everyone that donated amazing prices to our Silent Auction. We are auctioning off some fantastic items like ski lift passes to Crystal Mountain, restaurant gift cards & swag, and a vineyard tour & wine tasting. 

BARC Raffle

Everyone that attends the BARC Expo will get one FREE raffle ticket! There will be some incredible raffle prizes like a 42” TV, a nice laptop, free residential recycling for a month, and a $50 gift certificate for beer & pizza!

Complimentary Refreshments

Local Traverse City businesses Spanglish, Earthen Ales, and Left Foot Charley will be providing small plates and refreshments during the event! Spanglish is one of BARCs favorite restaurants in Traverse City. Their menu features traditional Mexican flavors prepared using ingredients local to Northern Michigan. Earthen Ales is a local Traverse City brewery that takes traditional beer-making ingredients and translates them in a modern way. Left Foot Charley is a local winery focused on making aromatic and flavorful wine an everyday event. BARC is very thankful for all of our local support from the small businesses we love!

Volunteering at the BARC Expo & Fundraiser

If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering at the BARC Expo & Fundraiser, please fill out a volunteer form! We are looking for volunteers to help out with several parts of this event. If you can’t make it to this event but would still like to volunteer, we have tons of events coming up this summer. Check out our event calendar and contact our team for more information.