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Electronics Recycling

eWaste Michigan

Bay Area Recycling for Community recycles anything with a battery or a cord. In partnership with HIPAA certified eRecycle TC; we properly recycle, reuse or re-purpose your electronics while protecting the environment. Each year millions of pounds of eWaste is dumped into the landfill. These items- which take hundreds of years to break down- leak harmful toxins into our air, water, soil and are otherwise valuable resources to re purpose. Help solve the problem and call BARC for your broken or obsolete computers and electronics.

Drop off Location

Traverse City, MI

Kaleva, MI

Drop off Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. No Weekend Drop-offs Please.

Pick up Service

For a $90 pickup charge we will pick up any and all eWaste items for individuals within the 30 miles of Traverse City, MI. Fees will increase outside of 30 miles.

Schedule a Pick up

Please fill out this form with some basic information, we’ll review our truck schedule and follow up with you on pricing, pick-up fees, and timing. Unfortunately, BARC cannot offer exact pickup times. Special Pick-ups are generally scheduled each Monday. Please inform us if you need a pick up on a particular day and we will try our best to accommodate.

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Recycle Fees

From TV’s to misc. wires, BARC has a way to safely recycle your electronics. Fill our our form below to inquire about your devices, or check out our pricing sheet for more details.

For BARC’s full pricing sheetCLICK HERE

FAQ's About Electronic Recycling with BARC

eWaste means Electronic Waste. Common items include: TVs, computers, office equipment, printers, entertainment devices, DVD players, mobile phones, small kitchen appliances, and batteries. As a general rule- if it has a cord or a battery, it can be recycled at BARC!

No, these household appliances contain Freon which needs to be properly discharged before it can be safely recycled. This means it cannot be lumped in with all the other eWaste items. However, they can be recycled and BARC can safely take care of this for you. Learn more here. (link to refrigerator recycling).