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De/Re Construction

Where Affordable Housing Meets Recycling

BARC is now serving the Grand Traverse area by building affordable Tiny Homes using locally reclaimed materials, reducing landfill construction waste while combating our housing crisis at the same time.  Awesome, right?!


Furthering our goal of creating a greener Michigan, BARC has taken on the role of deconstructing homes otherwise set for demolition.

We meticulously take apart homes at demolition market rates AND offer you the homeowner a tax rebate!

These materials that can be salvaged are then turned into affordable Tiny Homes.

Check out our updated pricing sheet for our De/Re Construction.


This service is available to local homeowners and, coming soon, BARC will be partnering with local builders to offer rebates for the homes we cannot reach.

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De-Construct and salvage building materials to Re-Construct as a Tiny Home!

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