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BARC is always looking to grow our team with motivated dedicated community waste professionals. The work and hours can be demanding, but nothing worth doing ever comes easy. Responsible waste management is an important part of any sustainable community.

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At BARC we work hard to never overlook the inherent value of anything or anyone. Please reach out to Lydia Gulow at (231) 883-4360 for help in creating a resume which reflects your talents and accomplishments and helps you shine!

Here are the positions we currently have available


De/Re-Construction Worker – Traverse City

Job Title: Construction Worker

Starting Wage: $17-20 / Hour. Pay increases dependent upon job performance, attendance abilities.

Job Description: Assist in the deconstruction of old structures otherwise set for demolition in an effort to offset demand for new, virgin construction materials such as lumber. Laborer will also be responsible for creating tiny homes and other structures out of the recycled materials with guidance from ourDE/RE leads.


    • While you do not need prior experience, you must have some training with power and hand tools
    • Experience in residential construction is beneficial, especially in areas like framing, painting, siding or drywall installation
    • High school diploma or GED certificate
    • Strong math skills /ability to add & subtract
    • Familiarity with common power and hand tools
    • Physical strength and stamina
    •  Driver’s License (Required)
    • Work minimum of 40 hours/week.; 5 day work week.

Ideal Candidate Will: You will work under the supervision of the DE/RE lead, assisting them in their duties while you train and gain a better understanding of your trade. Assist DE/RE lead with deconstruction & construction projects such as tiny homes or remodels. Help build wooden structures such as deerblinds, ice shanties, picnic tables, etc. Learn and practice essential carpentry skills on the job. Learn how to offset the demand for virgin construction materials such as lumber. Maintain a safe work environment andadhere to the policies in BARC Employee Handbook. Work overtime when necessary; and work hours/days agreed upon at final interview.

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