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Tiny Homes by BARC

Affordable & Recycled Tiny Homes

Here at BARC, we are excited to tackle new projects that benefit our community while being resourceful and environmentally conscious. We have begun a new venture – creating tiny homes out of recycled materials! Furthering our goal of creating a greener Michigan, BARC has taken on the role of deconstructing homes otherwise set for demolition. So many materials are wasted during the process of demolition, and BARC is determined to give these materials a new purpose by meticulously taking apart homes at demolition market rates and offering our clients (the new homeowner) a tax rebate!

What are they made out of?

Our tiny homes are mainly created from conventional materials such as wood frames, Tyvek, plywood, metal or wood siding, metal roofs, doors and windows. These supplies come directly from demolition sites to be repurposed into BARC’s tiny homes. We can create about 80% of the square footage for the tiny home per demolished house. For example: a house that is 4,000 sq ft would create about 3,200 sq ft tiny homes, with some potential waste and possible new materials needed for the tiny home.

Because we are trying to repurpose as much recycled content as possible, each tiny home is unique in its own way! There may never be two structures exactly alike, meaning these tiny homes are completely customized. They will be built with different doors, windows, siding, roofing, etc. that BARC has salvaged from another structure saved from the landfill.

Where does BARC get their materials from?

BARC has completed a few deconstructions in our area already, and are currently accepting a variety of materials including doors, windows, siding, cabinets, flooring, structural materials and other recycled supplies at BARC’s facilities in Traverse City and Kaleva. Donated material along with BARC’s pallets, mattress wood, and even cotton insulation made from mattress material and heat treated with Boron (a flame retardant material). Please contact us if you have some materials you would like to contribute to BARC’s newest venture!

Why purchase a recycled Tiny Home?

We encourage our customers to be good leaders and support ideas of reducing waste, reusing, and recycling. We hope that our community can see how important recycling is, and are supportive of sustainability.

From a practical standpoint, when purchasing a tiny home, there is less square footage- therefor requiring less energy to heat which brings down the cost significantly compared to a larger space. With these first phases of tiny homes, BARC is taking a minimalistic approach with no power or running water inside the home. We recommend our customers use these tiny homes for backyard she-sheds or rustic glamping cabins and escape spaces. As we grow, we are excited to expand into structures with more utilities and amenities.

These tiny homes are also portable and easy to move as a whole. They are around 100 sq ft – 400+ sq ft in size, and can be transported in one piece, or can be dis-assembled and re-assembled.

Available Tiny Home Models

The Life Pod

The Life Pod is our smallest tiny home and are simple and quaint. They are the perfect spot to read a book in the peace and quiet. Check out more details for our available models!

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The Cozy Cottage

Need a little more space? The Cozy Cottage is perfect for a few more guests while maintaining an intimate space. Check out more details on our medium sized tiny homes!

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Open Air

This open air tiny home is perfect for an outdoor workspace, fruit stand, art studio, play area for kids, and more! They are customizable upon request!

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The Minimalist

Do you have too many guests for a small tiny home, but still want to entertain? The Minimalist may be for you! Check out more details on our available models.

The Mini Mansion

This extra large tiny home is perfect for camping, a glamorous office space, a spectacular guest house, hang-out area for kids, and more! They are customizable upon request!


Tiny homes are starting at 100 sq ft with standard finishes applied.

Our available models include:

The Open Air – 100 SF – Starting at about $5,000

The Life Pod – 100 SF – Starting at about $10,000

The Cozy Cottage – 200 SF – Starting at about $20,000

The Minimalist – 300 SF – Starting at about $30,000

The Mini Mansion – 400 SF – Starting at about $40,000

Our standard price includes a four wall tiny home as a weather tight structure with doors, windows, and roofing. They will come with bare studs inside ready for finishes, exterior plywood, a OSB roof with asphalt shingles or metal roof on top. Any structure can be made into an “Open Air” with no doors or windows.

Tiny Homes for Purchase!

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