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Repurposed Products

Repurposed & Recycled Products

BARC is a strong supporter of reducing waste and reusing materials, and what better way to prevent filling the landfill than to turn these materials into picnic tables, flower boxes, garden trellises, and more! We are excited to be building and offering these items to our customers!

What we offer

We offer a few different repurposed products for your home or business. Some include wooden picnic tables, large wood and steel(?) flower boxes, wooden garden trellises for your growing flowers and vines, wooden chicken coops with multiple entries, and greenhouses!

Most of these items are available for pick-up, but for some larger items BARC is available to deliver to them to you for a small fee.

What are the products made from?

These products are made from a few different demolition materials such as wood frames, Tyvek, plywood, metal or wood siding, metal roofs, and windows. We offer a few different sizes depending on the product, so check out our store for purchasing details!

How can I purchase a repurposed product?

All of our available items are located on our BARC shop under the tag “Repurposed Product”. There are size, color, and material variations for a few of the products, so you can pick out which one you like best! Each item is completely customizable, so please inquire in the form below or give BARC a call if you are looking for something specific!

Available Products for Purchase

Product Pricing

Check out our shop for more information on each product!

Picnic Tables – $120

Flower Pots – $70

Garden Trellis – $70

Chicken Coop – $460-$580 (Prices includes set up and metal fence)

Greenhouses – $50 per sq ft.

Deer Blinds – $650-$1,200

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