Let’s Have A Green year!

Did you make a new year’s resolutions this year? Resolutions can be overwhelming or feel unrealistic. We get it. The good news is, you can make resolutions all year long and they don’t need to be complicated. They can be the simplest habit changes. Plus, we want to help! In fact, we are challenging you to be greener in 2019. And, we broke our challenge up into manageable chunks, giving you one green focus area per month.

Why Participate in the Greener Year Challenge?

The goal of the greener year challenge is to not only protect and enhance our local environment, but also to make an impact on the entire planet. At BARC, we call this mindset, “Think Global. Act Local.” Believe it or not, every action you take (large and small) makes a significant impact on our environment. When you participate in the Greener Year Challenge you will be joining a community of like-minded locals working to make greener choices in their own lives. We will support each other by sharing our experiences on social media with the hashtag #greeneryearchallenge. Plus, we will send updates and reminders throughout the year to keep you accountable.

How do I participate in the Greener Year Challenge?

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Then, simply follow along with our updates and tips and be mindful of each month’s theme. We are committed to providing you the resour

ces you need to stick to this resolution. Each month, we will send you an email with resources specific to a certain green-friendly initiative to be mindful of. These are the areas we will focus on this year to make our community (and planet) a better place in 2019:

January: Community Month

As we are heading towards the end of January, we’d like to encourage you to start your resolution by simply following along with BARC on our social media profiles and blog. Doing this will help you stay updated and motivated throughout the course of the year.

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February: Show Eco-Friendly Products Some Love
March: Climate Awareness
April: Get Involved: Volunteer!
May: Spring into Composting
June: Smart Commute Month
July: Plastic Free July
August: Eat Green
September: Recycle your E-Waste
October: Energy Awareness Month
November: Shop Green
December: Holiday Recycling

We will release more details on each monthly challenge every month. We hope that you choose to have a Green Year!