How To Make Your Event More Sustainable: Zero Waste Event Guide

At BARC, we love to get involved in the community by helping other Michigan businesses and nonprofit organizations make their events memorable and eco-conscious! One of our key services is to create zero-waste events all over Michigan equipped with a line of compostable serviceware products, our three-bin recycling systems, and full-service zero-waste event management. Whether you’re orchestrating a big festival, envisioning your dream wedding, or planning an intimate gathering like a family reunion or graduation party, we tailor solutions for events of every magnitude. In this blog, we will give tips on how to make an event more sustainable with our zero-waste event guide and highlight a local festival that we help make zero waste.

Event Highlight: Michigan Brewers Guild Zero Waste Beer Festivals

The Michigan Brewers Guild is a nonprofit organization representing the craft brewing industry here in the Great Lake State and is dedicated to promoting Michigan’s brewing industry. One of the primary roles of the Michigan Brewers Guild is to organize and host events that showcase the wide variety of craft beers produced by breweries all over the state. These events include festivals attracting thousands of beer enthusiasts across the region! We are proud to work with the Brewers Guild to make their Michigan Beer Festivals zero waste! We travel all over the state to help them with incredible events throughout the year, like the Winter Beer Festival, Summer Beer Festival, U.P. Fall Beer Festival, and the Detroit Fall Beer Festival.

At these events, we provide our full-service zero-waste event management services. Their team of volunteers spends the day pouring local beer into branded MI Beer compostable cups while we help facilitate an eco-friendly event clean-up process. Here are some pictures we have captured over the years that showcase how spectacular zero-waste festivals can be:

repurposed garden planter
repurposed garden planter
repurposed garden planter
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Zero Waste Event Checklist

Many people ask us how to make an event more sustainable, so we have put together a checklist so you can see how easy is it to work with us to make your own zero-waste event!

Step One: Select the Perfect Package For Your Event

At BARC, no event is too big or small. We have three zero waste event packages to choose from for events of all sizes, tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences.

1. DIY Make Any Event Zero Waste

If you are looking to do it yourself, we recommend our DIY package where you can easily pick up compostable serviceware and recycling bins from our Traverse City location. Simply enjoy your event, and afterward, return the bins and bagged waste to us. We suggest setting up one or two-bin zero waste stations for every 50 attendees.

2. DIY with BARC Delivery & Pick-up

To simplify your zero-waste event hosting experience, we recommend our DIY option enhanced by BARC’s delivery and pick-up service. We handle everything from delivering requested materials to setting up bins before your event and collecting them afterward.

3. Full Service Zero Waste Management

For weddings or big events that require extra attention, we recommend our Full Service Zero Waste Management package. BARC not only delivers all necessary products but also provides on-site staff to assist with material sorting throughout the event, ensuring a seamless waste management process from 2 pm to 2 am.

Step Two: Choose Compostable Serviceware

If there is going to be food or beverages served at your event, serving it with compostable serviceware is the best way to minimize unnecessary waste! Our comprehensive range includes plates, bowls, glasses, straws, and even specialty items like extra-wide straws. All of our compostable serviceware comes from Green Safe Products, a Detroit-based business that provides eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based disposable products. All products are made from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, and biomass. Browse the Green Safe Product Catalog to see all the different eco-friendly food service disposables they offer. If you aren’t sure how much to order, BARC is here to help! We can work with you to determine the perfect products and quantities for your event.

Step Three: Inform Your Guest with Recycling Instructions & Education

Empower your guests with knowledge by informing them about the recycling and composting program at your event. Our informative PDF provides guidance on efficiently utilizing our three-bin system:

Recycling Bins: For clean/empty paper, plastic, glass, metal, including empty drink containers and ice bags.

Compostable Bins: For organic matter, protein, meat, all food, and compostable

Landfill Bins: For items like dirty food containers, mylar chip bags, diapers, cigarette butts, or chewing gum.



Step Four: Get In Touch with BARC

Now that you know how to make your event more sustainable with our zero waste event guide, its time to get in touch with us to transform any event into a eco-friendly extravaganza! To get started, fill out the Zero Waste Event Application Form on our website.