What to do with defuncted electronics

If you are like many people, you have defunct electronics laying around your home. Perhaps it is an old TV, spent batteries, last year’s cell phone, or an ancient laptop or desktop computer. In fact, 75% of old electronics in existence are still in people’s homes. Whatever the case, you probably do not want these bygone electronics and appliances collecting dust. Many people want to dispose of their electronics responsibly but are not sure how. Our president, Andy Gale was recently featured on 9&10 News on the topic.

In this post, we recap the tips Andy shared, why it is so important to dispose of e-waste thoughtfully, and what you need to know to do so.

Why should I recycle old electronics?

1. Prevent hazardous chemicals from polluting our environment

Many electronics contain hazardous chemicals like lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, and fire retardants. When they are disposed of improperly—in a landfill or in an incinerator—those chemicals can contaminate surrounding water supplies and pollute the air, which hurts our environment.

2. Conserve natural resources

Many electronics contain valuable materials that can be reused to manufacture new devices. Recycling old electronics reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, lowers the need to extract more raw materials, and helps save energy.

3. Protect your information and identity

When you dispose of old computers and electronics in the trash you are vulnerable to theft. A certified recycler will ensure that your information and identity are protected.

4. Comply with state regulations

In many states, most old electronics are classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of safely according to the law.

About BARC’s eWaste Recyling Program

Bay Area Recycling for Charities has been recycling e-waste through our eWaste Michigan program for five years. BARC defines e-waste as anything with a cord or battery and offers both drop off and pick up electronics recycling service. BARC not only recycles these items, but also donates any profits from recycling fees and/or resale of salvaged materials or refurbished products to local charities.

BARC breaks down the various plastic and metal items in the electronics and recycles those items with our other plastic and metal recyclables. We also ship some parts to larger cities to be used to create refurbished products. Our approach shifts depending on the type of electronic. For example, an old 1960’s desktop likely has more valuable precious metals in it to salvage as opposed to a more cheaply made plastic laptop that would be shredded down and recycled. Ultimately, our goal is to reuse as much of the device as possible and dispose of the remaining materials safely to protect our beautiful environment.

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eWaste Michigan- Electronics Recycling Service in Northern Michigan

Millions of old electronics are tossed into landfills each year, taking hundreds of years to break down and leeching toxic substances into our environment. Please consider donating your broken or obsolete computers and electronics to Bay Area Recycling for Charities. BARC offers electronics recycling services through our eWaste Michigan program for Grand Traverse, Antrim, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Benzie and Manistee counties. This program recycles, reuses or repurposes your electronics to keep toxic substances out of our environment and conserve natural resources. BARC also donates all profits from recycling fees, salvaged material sales, and refurbished product sales to local charities.

eRecycle TC Partership

BARC is happy to share that we have recently partnered up with eRecycle TC to have a greater impact in electronics recycling. eRecycle TC helps collect and recycles old electronics before they become e-waste. The partnership will help our efforts in properly sorting out the electronics we collect and determine the most environmentally friendly way to process, dismantle, and to recycle the material.

eRecycle TC is currently renting space in our New Traverse City Location with plans to officially move in by the end of September! We are very excited to see the impact that will be made by two great forces coming together!

How to Recycle e-Waste with BARC

BARC will accept any type of electronic waste, which we define as anything with a battery or plug, including:

  • All Electronics
  • Laptops, Tower Computers
  • Copy machines, printers, microwaves, flat screen monitors
  • TV’s (CRT, LCD, Plasma, CRT Monitors)
  • Less than 32″
  • Greater than 32″
  • Projection TV’s
  • Less than 40″
  • Greater than 40″
  • Light Bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Refrigerators
  • A/C Units & Dehumidifiers

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We offer both pick up and drop off electronics recycling service:

For a fee we will pick up any and all eWaste items for individuals within Grand Traverse, Antrim, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Benzie and Manistee counties.

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Drop Offs Welcome at BARC’s

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