Happy New Year BARC friends!

We hope you had a wonderful 2020, or at least made the most out of this year. Thank you for your endless support and for staying tuned in to our blog and social media! 2021 is going to be a better year for us all!

With a new year starting, New Year’s resolutions begin. We all try to achieve new goals, dissolve bad habits, and commit to a healthier lifestyle. BARC can help you set some goals for 2021 to practice sustainability.

Below are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions:

1. It is great to recycle as much was we can, but we can also reduce waste in many ways:

    • Unsubscribe to junk mail so it doesn’t need to be sent
    • Use reusable bags when shopping
    • Instead of buying bottled water, try a reusable water bottle
    • When ridding of old clothes or household items, donate as much as you can instead of tossing into the garbage!
    • Deny, deny, deny the plastic straw! Switch to a reusable metal straw instead.
    • Buy fresh produce that isn’t in containers, bags, or wrapping when possible

2. Create your own garden! Home-grown fresh produce taste better anyways!

    • Start a compost with your fruit and veggie scraps (put it in the freezer or garage) so when it is ready to compost, you can use it in your garden!
    • Create a feeding pile of produce scraps (in the woods or in your backyard) for the wild animals – deer love these food piles!

3. Change up your commute!

If it’s a beautiful day, leave a little earlier and take a walk to work, or bike! This help you get a workout in, and saves gas!

4. Use your mobile device for as many invites/events/coupons as you can.

With today’s technology, plane tickets, concert tickets, and coupons can be scanned from your phone and you can send e-vites to your events! Ditch the printing and save the trees!

5. Second-hand shop as much as possible.

There are so many clothes and amazing products in re-sale shops that have been gently used that can be up-cycled to amp up your style.

Optimistic for 2021

2021 will hopefully be a better year for us all, and we have the power to make it count. Together we can take steps to grow in more ways than one, and help our Earth in the process.

Cheers to a new year!!