Greenie Guide is Here to Help!

Happy February! This month we want to highlight some important info from “Greenie Guide” to help inform our community on how to make “green” decisions every day. From composting, to taking eco-action, to staying involved during the pandemic, Greenie Guide has amazing articles that will help you stay informed on how we can do our part.

How Can I Tweak my Daily Habits to be Eco-Friendly?

BARC wants to help teach our community how to better our daily habits with some simple tips and tricks. Greenie Guide’s website lists 50 ways to take eco-action, but below are some highlighted actions we can all take:

  • Buy from a sustainable fashion resource (online or shopping locally)
  • Ride public transport or change your commute to work that doesn’t use fuel (biking, walking, etc.)
  • Buy local honey
  • Support your local nurseries and fill your windowsills with plants
  • Purchase coffee from a local roaster rather than the grocery store
  • Shorten showers
  • Let your clothes air dry – this reduces energy and helps your clothing last longer
  • Listen to a climate action podcast
  • Start a compost from leftover fruits and veggies (orange peels, apple cores, carrot tops, potato skins) – these can be used in your gardens! (Check out BARC’s composting services and our compostable serviceware)
  • Sign up for a local clean-up

How Can I Stay Involved During Covid?

During the pandemic, we are all trying to stay home and socially distance ourselves from others, however, this does not mean we have to become less involved with our communities. Greenie Guide gives us a few tips on how to volunteer remotely during this time! Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Find out what you would like to help your community with and how much time you have available to contribute to volunteering.
  • What topics are you passionate about? Find something that interests you.
  • Once you have a topic, research some organizations who specifically work with these topics. Is it reducing waste? Recycling? Composting? Zero-Waste Events? Keep in mind – it will most likely be easier to directly get involved if you are plugged into a local organization instead of a larger/nation-wide organization.
  • In addition to local organizations, you can also look beyond on and, or researching volunteer opportunities.
  • Once you have found a volunteer opportunity you connect with, don’t be afraid to reach out (phone or email)! These organizations are waiting to hear from people like you!

There are so many ways to stay involved, even during a worldwide pandemic. We can still change the world, even from the comfort of our own homes.

For More Information

Check out Greenie Guide’s website for some really amazing and helpful blog articles. There is so much factual and insightful information about living a “greener” life, so don’t miss out on their next blog post!