BARC’s Monthly Goals

This month we are focusing on “Leaving No Trace”. With summer activities planned and adventuring outdoors in the beautiful weather, BARC wants to equipped our readers to be conscientious of our surroundings and treat the Earth well. We have lots of resources available to allow all of us to make a change for the better, and still have the best time on your get-aways!

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What are the 7 Principles of “Leave No Trace”?

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

    • Planning meals – making sure leftovers are being eaten and not thrown away!
    • Use Compostable Serviceware / reusable plates, water bottles and utensils.
    • Avoid food with lots of packaging.
  2. Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces

    • Most parks and recreational areas have trails marked for your travel. To avoid damaging wildlife and organisms off the path, it is best to stay on the trail.
    • Find durable surfaces to travel off-trail. Rock, sand, and gravel are durable materials that can handle numerous people tracking within the same area.
    • Camp in a durable place that is already in an impacted area (where people have camped before). This limits the damage to other vegetation that has not yet been touched.
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly

    • “Pack it in – Pack it out” – Items that will not decompose naturally should go with you when you leave the woods.
    • Through certain campsites and trails, there are plenty of waste / recycling bins to properly dispose of your waste.
  4. Leave Behind What You Find

    • Try to leave plants and trees undisturbed in the wilderness – carving into trees, hanging things as decoration on your campsite, or even picking flowers can be detrimental to the local habitat. Take pictures or sketch in a sketchbook to enjoy nature instead:)
  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts

    • The best place to build a fire is in a fire ring in a well-placed campsite, or you can use a fire pan!
    • You can purchase firewood from a nearby resource, or gather small, dead sticks and wood scattered on the ground around your site.
  6. Respect Wildlife

    • The best way to respect wildlife is through quiet observation. Quick movement and loud noises can be stressful to animals, and we are outdoors to admire them, not to scare them!
  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

    • We are all here to enjoy the outdoors, so let’s do it together in a respectful and responsible manner:) Enjoy each other’s company, share stories, take in the scenery, and make a plan for the next camping trip!

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Take On the Trails

There are many local trails in Northern Michigan to check out, but even more National parks throughout the US to explore! You can now take these principles with you and help the environment and all of the amazing organisms and habitats live a sustainable life! For more information on “Leave No Trace”, check out their official website!

Thanks for tuning in! Happy traveling!!