Tis the season!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the BARC family! This season at a glance is already shaping up to be very different versus years past. Today we are going to put a spotlight on the importance of repurpose shopping for the holidays.

Christmas and Holiday shopping is without a doubt sitting atop the priority list for family and friends this holiday season. Typically when we think of holiday shopping, the first thing that comes to mind is going to the local mall, making a trip to an outlet mall, and buying gifts from big chain stores. There is a feeling of nostalgia that comes from shopping for your loved ones. This same feeling can be achieved through buying second-hand.  There is a lot of great stuff out there looking for a creative and thrifty shopper to give it new life in a new home.  Ditch the extra packaging you get from new products, get creative with your repurposing, and reduce your carbon footprint all at once!

Here are some benefits of repurposing buying:

  • You save money!  Who doesn’t love that?
  • You help the environment and preserve natural resources.  When you buy second-hand clothing, toys, furniture, or miscellaneous gifts you are actually contributing to saving the environment by:
    • Saving natural resources like fuel that would be used on manufacturing, distribution, and shipping.
    • Not having to ship or package the product. The gift you buy isn’t being shipped single purchase style via Amazon. Nor, is it wrapped up in all that plastic and cardboard packaging that will be thrown away or recycled.
    • You are keeping a discarded item out of the landfill.
  • You are supporting local businesses and people.
    • Whether you’re buying from a thrift store, consignment shop, vintage store, your neighbor who posted repurpose products on Facebook, the dollars you spend stay in the neighborhood and aren’t off to the nearest big-box store’s headquarters.
    • More often than not when you buy from local businesses, you are paying for their experience and personal touch rather than the materials themselves. This not only supports the smaller businesses, but also makes for a more unique and personable gift whether it be for friends, family, or even coworkers.
  • You can find unique treasures.
    • Finding something unique can be more meaningful.
    • Put your own twist on a repurposed item. This gives you the creative opportunity to make gift-giving memorable and for the recipient of the gift extra special.
    • When you shop for your loved ones, you want to put effort and lots of love into your gift, so why not make it memorable and unique?

It is so important to be aware of the amount of waste we create during the holidays, BARC is committed to helping you have the best Holiday Season yet!

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