Thank you to our Amazing Crew

The season of giving is upon us and the BARC team would like to thank our amazing team members for their hard work and dedication to this team and for making the community greener! There is so much to be grateful for, not just this season but throughout the year. We want to take this opportunity to highlight our team members and what they do for us at BARC.



Lydia: Chief Operations Officer

She is mainly responsible for overseeing our 80,000+ square/ft processing facility in Kaleva, scheduling, sales, electronic and mattress collection events, material flow between facilities, and overall productivity. This job never has a dull moment and makes you see how big of an impact individuals can have on the environment. She enjoys using her brain and brawn to facilitate and divert materials from our valuable environment.

Lydia from Bay Area Recycling for Charities








Karla: Admin Assistant and Resale Store Manager

Karla answers our Traverse City and Kaleva phone calls, so be nice to her! Karla brings many years of volunteer and business experience as well as creative ideas to the table. She is the first person you see/talk to when working with BARC, so she is an important part of making things go smoothly.

Karla from Bay Area Recycling for Charities








Jocko: 466 Facility Supervisor

Jessie or “Jocko” mainly does route schedules & operates our TC forklift to keep materials flowing to their proper homes. You might see him out on a compost route, working events, or doing misc. maintenance. He’s always got us covered!

Jocko Bay Area Recycling for Charities








David: E-Waste Technician & Customer Service

David is an E-Waste & Recycling Technician at BARC. He greets our awesome customers who bring in mattresses, televisions, vacuums, appliances, batteries and other electronic waste that plugs in. Following the drop off we charge a small fee and he disassembles what was dropped off and separates some of its components. After they are packaged or wrapped, he assists his fellow coworkers in loading the boxes onto the trucks so that we can assure they remain out of a landfill.

David from Bay Area Recycling for Charities








Chris: Kaleva Plant & Maintenance Supervisor

Chris has always been environmentally aware. He says, BARC allows him to do his part for not just our region, but for the greater globe. He works in our 80,000 sq/ft facility with a team of technicians who process the various materials we receive through our trucking routes and drop-offs. He organizes & stores these materials until they can be shipped out to be repurposed or further processed.

Chris from Bay Area Recycling for Charities








John: Lead Laborer Deconstruction/Reconstruction Department (DE/RE)

He takes the lead on assembly and deconstruction for BARC. This department systematically disassembles houses and other structures to reclaim their materials such as lumber and divert waste from landfills. This process offsets the demand for virgin materials.

Thank you John from Bay Area Recycling for Charities









Andy: Owner/President of BARC

Andy is the president and founder of BARC. He has a background in Construction Management which has given him the tools to lead a variety of creative projects. He is a lively and creative character who has accomplished a lot while at the helm of BARC. He spends most of his time helping out with DE/RE in the field and attending zero waste events!

Thank you Andy from Bay Area Recycling for Charities



What you don’t typically see when you arrive at the BARC facility or Kaleva store is the behind-the-scenes of what our crew does. Here at BARC we want to extend a warm thank you and a great appreciation for what they do!