BIG BARC Announcement

Hi BARC friends! While summer is closing in and the kiddos are getting ready to back-to-school shop, it is the perfect time to announce that our Kaleva Resale Shop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! BARC has been working on setting up a resale shop for months, and it’s finally here and up and running! We are running a Back-to-School SALE that will be great for students, teachers, and parents!

What is the Kaleva Resale Shop?

BARC has been on a repurposing kick for the last few years (more than normal), trying to think of new ways to reuse materials and repurpose them into something brand new! For example, we started selling repurposed flower pots, picnic tables, garden trellises, chicken coops, and even tiny homes from demolition sites. Usually at demolition sites, most of the materials are disposed of as waste and not recycled, so BARC stepped in to save as many materials as possible. In the spirit of reusing and repurposing, BARC decided to open up a Resale Shop in Kaleva, MI! We have plenty of awesome discounted resalable items for your home, office, and especially for back-to-school!!

Where Did the Resale Items Come From?

Most of the items for the shop were donated to BARC in Kaleva or TC, or was a scheduled pick-up! BARC is unique in that we offer in-home extraction of items and recycling or reuse options. A lot of items also came from the old hardware store teardown in Empire, some came from businesses such as Hazelnut Kids & Addiction Treatment Services, and we also get inventory from all over the state! Most of the kids’ supplies came from a Leland Elementary School teardown.

SALE on Back-to-School Supplies!

At the Kaleva location, we have a BUNCH of school supplies that we are selling at EXTREME discounted rates!! Here is a list of some of our resale goodies:

  • Desks
    • Full Desks
    • Small Personal Student Desks
  • Chairs – For Personal Student Desks
  • Stereo Receivers
  • Speakers
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Art Supplies
  • Toys
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Containers
  • Furniture – Couches, Tables, and Dressers
  • and SO MUCH MORE

Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies   Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies   Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies

Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies   Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies   Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies

Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies    Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies   Kaleva Resale Shop Supplies

Come to Shop, or Volunteer!

While opening up our shop, there is a LOT of tasks we could use some help with (sorting, organizing, and pricing products, helping customers, etc). If you are interested in volunteering with BARC at our Kaleva Shop, you can learn more HERE, or contact us through our website. We are ALWAYS looking for helping hands!


Where to Find Us

Our Kaleva Resale Shop is located at our BARC Kaleva plant address – 14407 Industrial Dr., Kaleva, MI 49645. The 2400 sq ft resale shop is located in the NE corner of the building. We are open Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM & Saturday 10AM-5PM!

We hope to see you soon!!