November is here and we are in the beginning stages of yet another holiday season. Millions of people will soon  start preparing for their holiday plans and festivities. Even among those who take traditions to hears, the hottest holiday topic, is often shopping. Among the many things to consider during this season is your holiday shopping plan. It’s projected that Americans will spend $1 trillion on holiday shopping this upcoming season. As you formulate your holiday shopping plans, take a moment to be mindful and read our tips on how to make more sustainable decisions.

How To Shop Sustainable During The Holidays

As a reminder, sustainability is the responsible use of environmental resources in the present so that future generations will have enough to meet their needs. Simple shopping decisions can allow you to be more eco-friendly so we can allow future generations continue to enjoy the holiday season.

Green Shopping Tips

Find Sustainable Labels

Seek labels that state products are made in sustainable or ethical ways. On top of that,  purchase products that are packaging-free; most packages end up being tossed in the trash after being opened.


Avoid Fast-Shipping

When purchasing your gifts online avoid fast-shipping options. Planning ahead and opting for ground shipping or in-store pickup allows for less emissions to be created by airplanes. Airplanes currently account for nearly 11 percent of CO2 emissions from U.S. transportation sources. It may seem like more of a chore to receive your gifts but know that you’re playing your part in being more sustainable.


Shop Local

Instead of purchasing gifts online and nationally owned businesses, consider shopping at local stores. This requires less traveling and also supports your local economy. Which is a great way to be thinking global and acting local.


Bring your own bags

One of the best ways to limit the amount of unnecessary plastic and paper entering landfills is to simply bring your own bags. This strategy goes beyond just grocery shopping and can be used during the holiday shopping as well.


Car-Pool and Trip-Planning

Avoid taking many trips to stores by purchasing most if not all your gifts in one outing. This tactic accompanied with carpooling will limit the amount of vehicle emissions created when holiday shopping.


Don’t Use Wrapping Paper

Avoid using wrapping paper and other packaging to decorate your gifts. If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. Use reusable packaging such as bags and baskets or use newspaper and magazines to wrap presents.



Instead of purchasing a brand-new product, why not re-gift? About 35% of Americans have an unused Christmas present just collecting dust. Give that product a purpose and gift it to someone you think could use it. This saves you both time, energy, and money in your holiday shopping.


Donate time and energy

Not everyone needs a physical product as a gift. One way you can help others out is by supporting them through your time and energy. Shoveling driveways, cleaning house, or making dinner for someone are all examples of how you can do this.