April 22nd is the day that Global Action is taken for the sake of Earth.  It is a day that political action and civic participation comes together to make a positive impact for the world that we live in. Although it is important to Think Global, it is ever more crucial to Act Local. As a community it is our time to come together and make our impact on this planet.

Bay Area Recycling wants to provide as much guidance and opportunity for our community to take action during not only in the month of April but EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. The mission of BARC is to further recycling activities in the communities we serve through service, education, and philanthropy.

Over the last 10 years BARC has developed a number of recycling programs to help the communities of northern Michigan further develop their recycling opportunities. Together we can keep our neck of the woods clean and pristine for preserving it for future generations.

BARC offers a wide range of products and services such as the recycling of Electronics, Mattresses, and Refrigerators. We also offer curbside recycling, special pickups for hard to recycle items, and zero waste special events Together we can keep it clean and out of the landfills.

We envision zero-waste communities, where virtually everything is reused, repurposed, or recycled to better the environment and support local charities. Recycling with BARC not only betters the planet but also makes a positive impact for local charities. All of our profits are donated to local charities.

This year when taking action on Earth Day, April 22nd remember to keep BARC in mind to assist you with your environmental efforts. Every day is Earth Day for the people of BARC. The actions that you make have great effect on the planet.

Think Global. Act Local.