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Earth Day with BARC

Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day is on its way! At Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC), EVERYDAY is Earth Day. BARC has been Recycling, Composting, Repurposing, Reusing items since the fall of 2008. We focus on the five (5) main counties (Leelanau, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Antrim) in the Bay Area, but venture to some other counties as well.

Since our inception BARC has:

  • Diverted over 350,000 tons of product away from area Landfills.
  • We have generated over $3 million to our local economy by employing local people who in turn spend their money locally!
  • We have donated over $110,000 (in money and In-Kind donations) to other area Non-Profits & Charities through our philanthropic giving.
  • Continues to educate & spread the word about the importance of Reduce-Reuse-Repurpose-Recycle in our beautiful, picturesque area.

In 2016 alone:

  • We diverted over 70,000 tons of product away from area landfills. We dismantled/recycled over 22,000 mattresses and 5000 T.V’s.
  • We partnered with Grand Traverse Industries (GTI) and employed 4-6 Special Needs adults to assist with our recycling.
  • We worked with SEEDS to provide some employment opportunities for their 17-21 year olds, whose tireless work helped to benefit our environment and community.
  • We promoted and partnered with other local environmental groups so that together we all keep our beautiful environment as clean and free from trash & toxins as possible.

As you can see, we take care of Planet Earth! As we approach Earth Day, April 22, we are asking YOU to help US to: continue our work, grow stronger, become more successful, and have a deeper impact on our environment & community through the work we do. How? We are engaging in a “Celebrate BARC & Mother Earth ” fundraising campaign from April 16th – April 23rd. We are asking,YOU, our caring supporters, loyal customers and local stewards of our environment to donate $22 (in honor of Earth Day on the 22nd of April); Or you may donate another amount if you wish! Your donation gift is tax deductible and is greatly appreciated.

  • You may do so by donating on line to BARC through our Pay Pal. Simply click this button to donate!
  • You may also mail a check to BARC (put Earth Day Campaign in the Memo) & mail To: BARC - 8025 S. Good Harbor Trail, Cedar, MI 49621.
  • You may swing by BARC - 1732 Barlow St., Traverse City, MI 49686, to make a payment (cash, check, credit card) and while doing so, drop off any “special needs” recycling (Mattresses, Electronics, Refrigerators, other items, etc…) when you drop by.
  • Finally you may call BARC and make a Credit Card payment with us by calling 231-360-1231 and ask for Kristin or Andy and they will process a secure payment via the phone.

Each day during our campaign we will feature on the website and on Facebook and Twitter different segments of our business. Follow along and learn about the impact each segment creates for a better environment, stronger economy, and better community. Won't you please support Mother Earth and BARC with your continued support and tax deductible donation? Happy Earth Day week!

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Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC) is a Traverse City, Michigan-based non-profit company that offers comprehensive recycling services and eco-friendly products for homes, businesses and events. A portion of our profits is donated to local charities.

When you recycle through BARC, it not only helps the environment, but also supports local charities, and that's good for everyone. Check out our products and services and get started today!

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The mission of Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC) is to further recycling activities in the communities we serve through service, education, and philanthropy.


We envision zero-waste communities, where virtually everything is reused, repurposed, or recycled to better the environment and support local charities. Help us become a zero-waste community. Check out all the items that BARC recycles


Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC) started five years ago with one man, one truck and one revolutionary idea: Increase recycling efforts in communities through service, education, and charitable donation.

Founder Andy Gale established a non-profit (501(3) offering comprehensive waste management services and compostable products for your home, business or event. Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters who also believe in what we’re doing, we now have 13 full-time employees, six trucks, a dozen trailers, and—our most recent acquisition—a semi-truck and trailer. BARC is so proud to report that in 2013, we gave $12,000 to local charities!

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Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC) is, by definition, an organization whose purpose is something other than making a profit. Our goal is not only to be financially successful, but to be successful in terms of helping the environment. We try to accomplish this goal through our recycling services, educating the community and supporting local charities. However, getting the word out on the street about our mission can be challenging. That is why we are so grateful for our partnership with Northern Michigan’s News Leader – 9 & 10 News.

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