BARC De/Re Construction Service Spotlight

De/Re Construction is one of the many services we offer at BARC. Although it’s only a small part of our overall operations, De/Re makes a huge impact! Over the years, we’ve undertaken a diverse array of exciting De/Re projects across Michigan, gaining invaluable insights into effective home recycling. From remodeling historic homes to recovering properties from fire damage, each project has enriched our expertise on how to properly recycle a home. Lets dive into what this service entails, what the process looks like, and what current projects we have underway!

What is De/Re-Construction?

De/Re-Construction is the process of carefully disassembling homes earmarked for demolition to promote sustainability. By taking apart these structures, we salvage materials that would otherwise go to landfills, creating a greener environment. Plus, this process is pretty close to the same price that it costs to have a demolition company come and take everything to a landfill. Additionally, homeowners can benefit from tax rebates when they opt for our De/Re Construction services. The salvaged materials are repurposed into a variety of different things from new home builds to repurposed products. This service is currently available to local homeowners in the Traverse City area.

What is the BARC De/Re-Construction Process?

BARC offers a comprehensive range of deconstruction services, from simple cleanouts to complete building and foundation removal. Our fast and cost-effective labor force excels in handling various tasks, ensuring high recycling rates, typically around 80%! Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Interior and Exterior Removal

We start with the removal of all interior and exterior elements. This includes furnishings, cabinets, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, ensuring that every item is carefully handled. We also dismantle siding, roofing materials, drywall, and flooring, preparing these components for the next steps in our deconstruction process.

Recycling Electrical and Plumbing Components

At the rough frame stage, we systematically extract all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC equipment. These components are sorted and prepared for recycling. By doing this, we ensure that valuable materials are reused, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Material Repurposing

The deconstruction of roofs, walls, and floors is performed with an eye towards repurposing. We carefully break down these structures into reusable lumber and other sections that can be utilized in new construction projects. This helps us not only conserve resources but also provides quality materials for future use.

Concrete Recycling

Concrete materials are not overlooked in our process. We ensure that all concrete is collected and recycled effectively. This involves crushing the concrete into aggregate, which can then be used in new construction projects or other applications, minimizing waste and maximizing the utility of all materials involved!

How Does BARC Reuse Materials from De/Re Projects?

repurposed products

We love to give new life to deconstructed materials through a variety of innovative methods:

  1. On-Site Repurposing: Some materials can be reused on-site to create decks, gazebos, or new construction projects. We like to protect the nostalgic value and history of buildings by repurposing materials.
  2. Reverse Panelization: This technique allows us to rebuild the same structure at a new location, making it easy to reuse deconstructed materials even if the site changes!
  3. Repurposed Products: If we can’t use deconstructed materials in reconstruction, they are transformed into sellable items at the BARC Kaleva Resale Shop. We sell a ton of different things like chairs, chicken coops, planters, and more!


How Does De/Re-Construction with BARC Minimize Environmental Impact?

The environmental benefits of our De/Re-Construction process are substantial. By recycling the materials from an average-sized home, we prevent the equivalent of a lifetime of waste for a 75-year-old person. An average american produces approximately 102,000 pounds of waste over their lifetime. Recycling a 1,200 square foot home weighs about 100,000 pounds!

Current De/Re-Construction Projects

De/Re Construction is becoming a bigger part of our organization and we have a lot of ongoing projects at the moment!

  • Historic Cottages: Preservation and repurposing on Old Mission Peninsula.
  • Carriage House Remodel: A renovation project in Traverse City (TC).
  • Fire Damage Recovery: Restoring structures in Leelanau County.
  • Kaleva Remodel: Enhancing a property in Kaleva, MI.
  • Barn Wood Transformation: Converting two barns into barn wood.
  • Custom Home Project: Building a custom home from repurposed materials at Glen Lake.

De/Re Construction Partnerships

Our collaborations with over 20 local homeowners, builders, and general contractors emphasize BARC’s community-focused approach. Our collaborative efforts have not only enhanced the quality and sustainability of our projects but have also strengthened community ties and fostered a sense of shared purpose. Notable partnerships include:

Maple Ridge Construction

Maple Ridge Construction has been a vital partner in numerous projects, bringing their expertise in modern building techniques and sustainable practices. Their commitment to quality and innovation has helped us deliver outstanding results that meet the highest standards of excellence.

VanderPaas Builder

VanderPaas Builder, known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, has played a crucial role in several of our high-profile projects. Their ability to blend traditional methods with contemporary design has made them a trusted collaborator.

Todd Wilson for Historic Cottages

Todd Wilson’s specialization in historic cottages has been invaluable to our efforts in preserving and revitalizing heritage properties. His deep understanding of historical architecture and dedication to maintaining the integrity of these structures have allowed us to breathe new life into these cherished homes while respecting their historical significance.

Our De/Re-Construction services are at the forefront of sustainable building practices. By combining efficiency and a strong commitment to the environment, we’re not only redefining construction but also paving the way for a greener future. Whether you’re looking to remodel, recycle, or repurpose, contact BARC to transform your project with our innovative De/Re Construction solutions!