Zero Waste Events Happening This June

We are kicking off summer right by throwing some incredible zero-waste events all over Northern Michigan this June. Here at BARC, we love to celebrate. Whether it’s helping a small business throw an anniversary celebration or a couple tie the knot sustainably, we love supporting other eco-conscious Michiganders trying to minimize their negative environmental impact. This June, we have the privilege of partnering with many local businesses and townships on events you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive into what we have planned and how you can make a difference by throwing a zero-waste event this summer!

Empire Asparagus Festival

June 3rd, 2023

Asparagus season in Northern Michigan begins in early May and ends in mid-to-late June. To celebrate the region’s thriving asparagus industry, the charming village of Empire throws its annual Empire Asparagus Festival, which has become an integral part of the local community.

On Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, visitors and residents gather to enjoy activities and events centered around this nutritious spring vegetable. One of the event’s main highlights is the culinary experience from local chefs and restaurants that create unique dishes and recipes featuring asparagus as the star ingredient. A local brewery even creates a signature asparagus beer explicitly made for the event that has become a festival staple!

In addition to a vibrant culinary scene, the Empire Asparagus Festival features live music performances, entertaining games, and activities for everyone. Plus, the whole event is zero-waste, as BARC handles the event’s recycling and liquor license. We are so happy to be a part of this incredibly unique event, and we urge anyone that loves asparagus season to join in on the fun! Learn more about this event on the Empire Chamber of Commerce website.

TART Smart Commute Week

June 5th-June 9th 2023

Motorized vehicles are America’s biggest air quality problem, producing about one-third of all U.S. air pollution. One way to help minimize their impact is to upgrade your daily commute this summer, which is the driving force behind TART Smart Commute Week. This annual week-long event from June 5th- June 9th in Traverse City promotes sustainable transportation options and encourages individuals to make intelligent choices for their daily commutes. The acronym TART stands for Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation, a nonprofit organization (and close friend of BARC) dedicated to promoting active lifestyles and eco-friendly transportation in the region.

During Smart Commute Week, participants are encouraged to explore alternative transportation methods beyond driving alone in a car and are incentivized to do so. There are various activities, challenges, and incentives throughout the week to inspire and reward individuals for their participation and commitment. The event also includes workshops, demonstrations, and informational sessions to help those looking to adopt sustainable commuting practices.

TART Smart Commute Week celebrates and encourages sustainable commuting choices that benefit individuals, the community, and the environment. We look forward to this event every year and are thrilled to be a part of making it a zero-waste event! To get involved in the fun, visit the TART Trails website for more information.

M22 Challenge

June 10th 2023

For those up for a challenge, this is the event for you! The M22 Challenge is an exciting multi-sport event named after the scenic M-22 highway that follows along the Leelanau Peninsula shoreline. This event combines athleticism, outdoor adventure, and breathtaking scenery, attracting participants eager to test their skills with a rigorous relay race.

The M22 Challenge features teams of two or three individuals that take on a series of intense kayaking, running, mountain biking, and road biking courses. Showcasing the diverse natural terrain of the iconic Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline, this event provides an exhilarating experience for athletes and spectators.

The M22 Challenge embodies the spirit of adventure and athleticism while celebrating the natural wonders of northern Michigan. We love making the M22 Challenge zero-waste to preserve the region’s natural beauty, which is an integral part of the event itself! For more information, visit the M22 Challenge website.

Leland Wine and Food Festival

June 10th 2023

If you are a wine enthusiast or culinary connoisseur, the Leland Wine and Food Festival on June 10th, 2023, is the perfect event for you. Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan’s wine country, this delightful annual celebration offers a unique opportunity to look into the region’s rich culinary and viticultural heritage.

The festival showcases a robust selection of wines from local vineyards and wineries, allowing visitors to sample a diverse range of crisp whites, rich reds, and celebration-worthy sparkling wines. In addition to incredible wine offerings, this event also features regional culinary delights from local restaurants, chefs, and food vendors you won’t want to miss.

Beyond food and wine, this festival also creates a vibrant atmosphere with live music, entertainment, interactive cooking demonstrations, informative wine pairing, and appreciation workshops. We love being able to make this sophisticated celebration a zero-waste event. To learn more about this festival, visit the Leland website for more details.

Short’s Fest Party in Elk Rapids

June 10th 2023

Northern Michigan is the home of some incredible breweries like Short’s Brewing Company, known for its innovative and flavorful craft beers. Every year, they throw their highly anticipated Short’s Fest Party. This annual celebration takes place on June 10th, 2023, and will bring together beer enthusiasts and music lovers for a day of festivity. Held in the charming town of Elk Rapids, Michigan, this event allows attendees to indulge in a wide selection their finest brews. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and fruity rye ales, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Short’s Brewing Company is a long-time friend of BARC. We love helping make all their signature events zero-waste and highly recommend their beer on a hot summer day. Check out the official Short’s Brewing Company website for more information on upcoming events this June and beyond!

Ragnar Grayling Race

June 23rd & June 24th 2023

In the charming town of Grayling, the Ragnar Grayling Race is an unforgettable adventure that combines distance running and the breathtaking scenery of Northern Michigan. Taking place on June 23rd and 24th, 2023, this race is the perfect opportunity for teams of friends, colleagues, and fitness enthusiasts to come together to tackle the challenging course. In addition to the thrilling race, both participants and spectators can immerse themselves in the lively race village atmosphere. Here, they can enjoy music, food, and activities with local vendor offerings you won’t get anywhere else. BARC is happy to help make this entire event zero-waste. To learn more about this race, check out the Ragnar Trails website.

Hire BARC for Zero Waste Events

Looking to throw a zero-waste event this summer? You can throw one yourself by following our How To Throw A Zero-Waste Event Guide or hiring BARC to help make magic happen! We work with individuals, companies, and organizations to create zero-waste events of all sizes. If you are local to the Traverse City area, you can work with Bay Area Recycling for Communities to make your event zero waste. No event is too big or too small; we have you covered! To get started, fill out our Zero Waste Event Application Form.