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Kendall Rose at The Revel Rose

“I cannot emphasize enough how smoothly the waste management went with BARC. Every wedding I’ve done that didn’t have BARC, no one knew whose responsibility hauling and sorting the waste was. Having BARC at your wedding is a no-brainer.”


“BARC is a great partner for a catering team. The catering team gets to focus on serving amazing food and taking care of guests. BARC handles the clean-up.”

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Alicia Fritz at A Day in May Event Planning and Design

“Andy has an infectious personality and every member of team is passionate about their work. It is rare to see someone so dedicated to their ethos and culture. He cares so genuinely about things that most people turn a head to. The venues we work in are always left in better condition than we found them because BARC is involved. They are wonderful stewards of customer service”

Cammie Buehler at Epicure Catering and Cherry Basket Farm

“Andy is like a godsend; our whole team gets along with him. It’s like gold to have him dove tail immediately with our team. We focus our time on the buildup to an event, so it’s great to have someone dedicated to the downslope of the event. Having BARC helping at the end of the event brings a lot of peace of mind to us as caterers.”